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Meditation Mondays:
Embracing Future Life Progression

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Meditation Mondays, a monthly oasis of peace and self-discovery. Join our experienced clinical hypnotherapist Neli Hession as we embark on a journey of inner exploration, healing, and transformation.
And what better way to kick off this sacred journey than with our very first theme:


Future Life Progression!

Exploring Your Future Self: Our future selves hold the wisdom and potential to shape the trajectory of our lives.

Monday, April 22nd we'll dive into the fascinating realm of Future Life Progression, offering

gentle guidance and hypno-meditation to connect with and envision the future versions of ourselves.

What to Expect: During this special hypno-meditation session, we will explore our future potentials, visualize our goals and aspirations, and align with the highest possibilities for our lives. Through guided

visualization and relaxation techniques, we'll journey forward in time, offering clarity, inspiration, and empowerment to our future selves.

Why Future Life Progression Matters: By connecting with our future selves, we can gain valuable insights, clarity, and inspiration to manifest our dreams and create the life we desire. Future Life

Progression empowers us to step boldly into our potential, overcome obstacles, and co-create our destiny with intention and purpose.

In a hypno-meditation class, participants are guided through a deeply relaxing meditation experience infused with elements of hypnosis. Each session typically begins with gentle breathing exercises to induce a state of calmness and centeredness. As participants relax, I use soothing language and imagery to guide them into a hypnotic trance, where the subconscious mind becomes more receptive to positive suggestions and affirmations. Throughout the session, participants are invited to explore their inner landscape, release stress and tension, and tap into their innate wisdom and intuition. Each class aims to promote deep relaxation, self-awareness, and personal growth, offering a transformative journey to inner peace and empowerment.

Participants may bring their own blankets, yoga mats, and pillows - or feel free to use the one provided by the Center. Participants may also bring a water bottle and journal.

Each class is 60 minutes long.










Join Us:

So mark your calendars and set your intentions, because Meditation Mondays are about to become your favorite day of the week! Join us weekly as we embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and manifestation. Together, let's embrace the magic of Future Life Progression and awaken the visionary spirit within.


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