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The Experience

Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive relaxation technique which activates the natural healing process of the body .

Reiki sessions at Journey into the Soul are experienced fully clothed in private, tranquil rooms on treatment tables or in chairs, depending on the client's needs and preference. Soft, meditative music is played. Eye pillows and blankets are offered. The Reiki practitioner uses light touch from the head to the feet, front and back of the body. Those who are sensitive to touch may also benefit from a reiki session. Upon request, the practitioner channels energy above the body.

While each Reiki session is unique to the client, there are countless reported experiences. Clients often experience heat radiating from the practioner's hands. Other times the hands may feel refreshingly cool. Stress reduction is very common. Clients often fall asleep while others experience a deep sense of relaxation, centeredness and enlightenment.

Following a soothing Reiki treatment, clients are invited to stay a while in the Tranquility Room to peacefully savor and reflect on their experience. Tea, coffee and water are offered. Feedback is always welcomed.  

Reiki practitioner/teacher;
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Teacher
Reiki practitioner; Medium
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