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Mindfulness Coaching
for Adults and Teens

Adults and Teens,

Are you living with pain or illness? Are you experiencing high levels of stress or anxiety? Are you experiencing depression or lack of energy and motivation? Is it challenging to balance your school/work life and personal life? Are you experiencing conflict in your relationships or family life? Are you seeking clarity in your career path?


Theresa's personalized mindfulness sessions will teach you simple, yet powerful tools and practices that will alleviate your suffering and bring you greater balance and peace. You will learn to make peace with your mind and body, make peace with your past, love yourself, communicate mindfully, meditate, and break free from limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns. 

Sessions will foster gentle, yet powerful manifestations of your authenticity and your truth without judgement and with kindness. In just a few sessions, you will feel both energized and empowered to attract all that you need for a more balanced life.

May you see that making this time for yourself is a powerful act of self-love that will serve as a significant stepping stone on your journey to balance and peace.

No experience in meditation is necessary. 


Theresa Amaral is a certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher and coach. She completed her year long training in 2019 with Erin Sharaf through All That Matters in Wakefield. Theresa is also a Holy Fire III Reiki Master and teacher since 2016 and owner/founder of Journey into the Soul Wellness Center.

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