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with Victoria Antonelli

Class Description: This 75-minute workshop begins with housekeeping and answering questions before grounding practices and intention setting. From there you will hold the Conscious Connected Breath pattern for 28 minutes, followed by a 7 minute meditation. Victoria then concludes with journaling. There will be an option to share and ask questions at the end.

The breath pattern consists of two deep inhales (into the stomach first then chest, each one expanding) and one exhale (short release). All through the mouth. It's a circular breath so even though you'll be breathing slowly, there is no pause after the exhale. Since this is a longer session, you will practice lying down, but you're welcome to sit for shorter periods of time if you're practicing at home.


1. Yoga mat and blanket ( no pillow -- keep your neck straight or you'll restrict air flow.)

2. An open mind, especially if you're new

3. Notepad and a pen or pencil

4. An eye mask can also be helpful.


1.) For best results, do not eat up to an hour before.

2.) Silence your phone.

3.) Eat something grounding afterwards, preferably something warm and hearty.

4.) Be sure to hydrate after.


This breathwork can be intense-- emotionally, physically and mentally!


Consult a physician beforehand if you are pregnant or have a history of aneurisms, cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, vision problems, osteoporosis, any recent physical injuries or surgeries, or if you experience severe psychiatric symptoms, seizures or take heavy medication.

Maximum Participants: 10

Fee: $33


                                                                                   Thursday, October 12, 6PM-7:15Pm                                                                                    Saturday, October 14, 10:30AM - 11:45AM

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