Journey Circle

with Cathy Cesario

The shamanic journey is a form of meditation adapted from the traditional journey of shamans of indigenous cultures. it is an earth based practice of gaining insight and healing using the rhythmic meditative sound of the live drum to access your inner wisdom, gain trust in your own intuition and let go of limiting thoughts and patterns in your life. The journey circle is a sacred and inclusive healing space for all who are seeking a deeper connection to Self and the earth. 

In this circle you will be taught how to journey and offered some guidelines to share and to respond to the journeys of others in the circle. This circle is meant to support your journey and meditation practice.

Suggested donation: $20

Cathy Cesario was trained by the Foundation of the Sacred Stream in 2006 in Advanced Applied Shamanism. Since then, she has also received training in Advanced Energy Medicine, Depth Hypnosis, Buddhism and Dream Yoga. Cathy is a yoga teacher of over 25 years and has led yoga teacher trainings and has been a guest yoga trainer since 2006. She is a trained gong sound artist, and has been working with sound and energy healing practices and yoga healing practices with individual clients since 1995. 

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