"I was sitting up in bed relaxing and had opened my mind to receiving distant Reiki from Theresa. My left hand became very warm and my arm felt heavy. Within a couple of minutes thereafter, I felt an amazing lightness in the same arm. Further, during my in-person Reiki treatment, I felt a deep emotional need to cry and did so throughout the treatment. I couldn't stop even if I wanted to. For the rest of the afternoon, I felt drained, but in such a good and positive way. Thank you, Theresa, for taking the time to spend with me last Friday. I am truly grateful for your friendship and spiritual guidance."

- A.R., Rehoboth, MA

"When I visited Karen for the first time I was excited for the Reiki but didn't know what to expect.  As soon as I laid on the table I was completely relaxed.  Before she started, I mentioned to Karen I had a pain in my neck.  She focused more time on this area and when the session was done my neck didn't hurt as much.  After three more session, my neck pain is gone.  I am looking forward to my weekly Reiki sessions."

"Since Reiki on Wednesday, I have been feeling like a new woman. I have accomplished so much, made decisions that I had been putting off. I just feel ALIVE, not worrying, just enjoying life... all because of Theresa and Karen. Thanks so much. May God bless you both with Love, Joy and Peace."

- M.M., Lynnfield, MA

"After my first Reiki session with Karen, I felt calm and at peace.  Thank you Karen"

- H.T., South Kingstown, RI

"Theresa, I can't thank you enough for what you've done for me- I truly feel like a new person. I feel awesome right now... difficult to put into words what I'm feeling. You knocked my socks off in a very very good way. You have a gift my dear. I'm thrilled that you're on this journey and that you've invited me along for the ride. I look forward to becoming a "regular" at your wellness center and will support you anyway I can."

                - K.J., South Kingstown, RI

- Dr Blodget, North Kingstown, RI

"Theresa and Karen, everything went great!!! No biopsy needed! He said it was stated from the first ultrasound that the nodules showed calcifications. He does not see that today! I just have to see him in eight months to follow-up. Thank-you so much! Can't thank you enough. I was calm and open to whatever today because of your treatment. I feel amazing and very grateful!!"

 - M.C., Lynnfield, MA

"My first Reiki session with Karen and Theresa was an amazing experience.  I'm a mom of a special needs child, as most moms, we tend not to take time out for ourselves.  The Reiki session was not only relaxing, but I felt lighter and a sense of relief and a peacefulness that I generally don't have.  Reiki helped me with stress reduction which aided me to a better night sleep.  I'm looking forward to enjoying it on a regular basis."

- K.D., East Greenwich, RI